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How to remove all hyperlinks in Microsoft word – 2003/2007

December 20, 2011

Just follow some simple steps given below and see the magic.

  • Open your MS word Document.
  • Press “Alt+F11” – it will open the Visual Basic Editor
  • Click Insert on Menu bar
  • Click Module

In the new pop-up window copy following:

  • Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
  • Dim oField As Field
  • For Each oField In ActiveDocument.Fields
  • If oField.Type = wdFieldHyperlink Then
  • oField.Unlink
  • End If
  • Next
  • Set oField = Nothing
  • End Sub

Then click File and Close and return to Microsoft Word

After that Run Macro – Tools > Macro > Macro and then Run “RemoveAllHyperlinks”

If you are using word 2007 then click word option
Word Option

then check Show Developer tab in the Ribbon and click OK.

Now click Developer tab Macros and  Run “RemoveAllHyperlinks”.


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